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Loving Cup Ceremony held during Old Gold 2022, on occasion of Delta Chapter’s 177th anniversary

During the recent 177th Anniversary Event at DePauw to celebrate Beta’s legacy as the first fraternity on campus, members of the Delta Beta Alumni Group announced a new fundraising campaign to strengthen the chapter, and sustain Beta for the decades to come.

Bruce Stallings ’77 summarized the crisis that the chapter experienced with the pandemic.  Bruce met with the House Corporation Presidents of all the Greek units on campus and learned that Beta was one of the 3 houses on Campus in financial peril. The other Greek units were in sound financial condition and expected to survive a year without students on campus. But not Beta. Bruce organized the pandemic fundraiser that raised $200,000 to save the chapter from almost certain closure. Bruce challenged the attendees and all Delta Chapter alumni to continue this work and put Beta on the path to long-term financial stability.  

Kerry Notestine ’79 then shared more detail about what needed to be done. After foreclosure and bankruptcy in 2008, the chapter had a mortgage of $740,000, which now stands at around $325,000. The immediate need is to raise $1 million in funds to retire this mortgage with additional funds for reserves to keep Beta financially strong and competitive at DePauw.

Through the work of Paul Winston ’85, David Coolidge ’87, and Phil Eskew ’63, we have established Friends of Delta Beta Inc. as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so gifts are now tax deductible. The brothers in attendance at the dinner responded with more than $250,000 in gifts and pledges on the spot.  

We need you to join in these efforts. Please donate online, or download a pledge card or contact us to donate in other meaningful ways!