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Impact Beta’s Legacy – Donate on Giving Tuesday

Let’s talk about Beta’s bathrooms…and why they matter to rush

On Giving Tuesday 2023, we are asking for your generous support of Friends of Delta Beta as we raise funds to contribute to a much-needed renovation of the house’s second- and third-floor bathrooms.

As you consider the many charitable organizations asking for your support on this national day of giving, please consider making a gift to Beta that helps continue the legacy which you built.

Your donation will help to finance renovation work that ensures 415 Anderson Street looks its best — this is critically important when competing with other fraternities and housing options to attract more pledges to Beta. It also benefits our undergraduate brothers living in the house.

You probably haven’t thought about the state of the bathrooms at Beta since you were a pledge and had to clean them…

However, we have had two professional assessments of the facilities and both found the bathrooms in “poor” condition: extremely worn, showing signs of damage and not in compliance with current hygiene and health department standards. 

House Corp would like to start this project as soon as possible, with estimated costs to update and overhaul both bathrooms at $500,000. 

We sincerely appreciate your dedication to our beloved fraternity and your commitment to ensuring the continued success of the Delta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi.

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